Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tweets from Leadercast 2014 #LCWE14

There were so many great things happening all day Friday - Leadercast was awesome.

Here are the tweets that rolled to and from our hashtag #LCWE14

  • With high expectations based on a plan with the people, you can make the underdog come from behind to become #1
  • The practice of leadership is the daily little things where we put others before ourselves
  • A leader sacrifices the numbers for the people
  • You change a heart to change a mind.
  • People don't follow authority but legitimacy which = Respect, fairness, Trustworthiness
  • Treat people with respect and remember people listen and copy you
  • There is no better way to impact society around the world than to build entrepreneurs
  • an opportunity always comes when your passion and what you're good at meets people's needs
  • leaders get results and build relationships
  • bad leadership hold us back, good leadership propels us
  • If your leadership isn't all about you, it will live beyond you
  • when you give away power, you lose nothing, you multiply your leadership
  • the value of a life is always measured by how much of it is given away
  • Leading as a beyond you leader is a personal decision
There are many more that flowed out the #Leadercast .... such great learning in so many ways.
Thanks again to the participants.
Next year we are focusing on The Brave Ones.....funny how that coincides with my theme for the year!!!

Share your favourites here...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

6 Questions

Here are 6 Questions Every Leader Should Ask - from Andy Stanley, a 3rd year Leadercast speaker who always has great insight and shares thoughts with us regularly that move us forward.

  1. Which gauges should we be watching?
  2. Where are we manufacturing energy?
  3. Who needs to be sitting at the table?
  4. Who is not keeping up?
  5. Where do I make the greatest contribution to the organization?
  6. What should I stop doing?
Each of these questions, no matter what our role in the organization, helps us tap into our leadership and gain a broader perspective of what we do & how we do it.  It is extremely important to focus on #6 - and this will be fought decision-making - be ready to stop doing things that do not add value.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Leadercast Journey

The day is here.  On Friday we will be joining over 150,000 people around the world to celebrate leadership and spend time learning what it means to lead beyond you.  This day has the potential to change lives - and believe me it does.  I find a new depth and space to my own leadership and how I translate and transmit that to others never ceases to amaze me. (Even my mom, who has been retired for 20 years says she learns new things every year right here!)

I would like to extend a special welcome and thank you to the supporting cast that helps bring this event to life every year for the people of our community.  Your thoughts, ideas, words of wisdom and willingness to share your time and your heart truly make a difference and help me stay focused on delivering the best experience possible.

Your leadership in this event has helped us to develop even more - to reach even further, to go beyond.

At Leadercast Windsor Essex this year, we will launch a new leadership initiative called Lab 4 Leaders.  Join us as we celebrate this new way to connect and grow as leaders, while growing leaders in our community and beyond.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ready to Learn

Leadercast is your opportunity.
Time to think about and spend time with YOU!
You will have time to reflect and contemplate.
You will have time to plan and learn.
You will be given the opportunity to connect and grow.

All this in one day.

Fortunately, you will also have the chance to take all of this home with you, in your own way.
You will be able to focus on how you can change your leadership to reach more people beyond you - those you lead, in new ways.

Think about this - it is your time to invest in yourself and leverage your leadership for the sake of others?
After all, leadership is not about's about those you lead.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The BE of How To Prepare for Leadercast

This year WindsorEssex Leadercast is being held at the Imagine Cinemas in Lakeshore.
Our first (ad)venture into a theatre setting.

How do you prepare to attend this event?  In no particular order....

  1. Be on Time
    • registration is between 8 - 8:45am
    • a short welcome address will be on at 8:50am 
    • speakers will kick off at 9am
  2. Be There.  
    • we will ask you to turn off your phone or at least have it on silent (respect for those around you, as well as the time investment in yourself for the day)
      • let the people back at the office know you are in  development day and will get to your messages at the breaks
      • there will be lots of breaks
  3. Be Ready - bring your business cards
    • there will be 300+ people to meet....
    • be open, make new connections
    • plan to do the follow up after the event
  4. Be On - participate
    • there will be time to add your thoughts - in words, in writing and more at the event - don't be shy
    • answer questions
  5. Be All In - take notes
    • there will be a lot going on all day long so taking notes can help you trigger reminders later as you review the information
    • we will provide you with a pen, a journal and a booklight
    • you can also use your tech tools for notes
    • we will send out follow up notes all year long to help you refocus on your learning from the day
Looking forward to having you out at Leadercast on Friday May 9, 2014.
If you have other ideas on how to prepare for this type of session - please share!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Less than a Month to go

Time is ticking.
Have you made a space in your calendar for one day.
One day that will connect you with a world of leaders.
One day that will help you focus on you for a change.
One day that will cost you less than a day of golf - and it will go on, rain or shine!
One day that can make a difference in your life as a leader.
One day that can simply make a difference.  Period.

See you at Leadercast 2014.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How Do You Define Yourself?

It's a very simple question.


Learn more about becoming the leader within at Leadercast 2014.